The Sacred Return
to Your Feminine Self

This is a 12 week journey with 3 IN-PERSON sessions and a Womb Attunement

Month 1: Our Inner Ecology

Date: Sunday, March 12th 2023
Time: 10:00am – 12:30pm

Understanding our cycle is the first step to re-connecting with our Womb Wisdom and cycle power. Our inner ecology is all about learning each of the 4 phases of the cycle through the lens of the physical, the energetic, and the sacred journey of deepening. By the end of this session you will feel confident in exploring your cycle to de-code your womb language and understand how to live in alignment with your hormones.

Month 2: The Mystical Archetypes of the Menstrual Cycle

Date: Sunday, April 2nd 2023
Time: 10:00am – 12:30pm

Now that we have had a month to explore the different energies of our cycle and make our very own womb map, we will layer in the wisdom of the cycle archetypes. These archetypes are truly my favourite tool! By learning the wisdom of the archetypes and seeing how we can embody them throughout our cycle, we will feel the veil that has kept us disconnected lifted. This deeper symbolic awareness is a way for you to awaken your sacred journey into the womb.

Month 3: Rooting into the Divine Feminine

Date: Sunday, May 7th 2023
Time: 10am – 1230pm

Exploring the Divine Feminine is the process of awakening an innate source of energy that exists within us that has been muted in our society. Coming into a deeper relationship with divine feminine energy allows us to heal and release the shadows of shame, imposter syndrome and fear of being visible. This rooting into the feminine energy is a way to cultivating deeper self love and safety in living your truest self. In this session we will explore what is divine feminine energy and how we can heal from the disconnect we have been feeling.

What is Included in Each 2.5 hour Session:

  • Deepening Meditation journey
  • Topic exploration with sharing circle for questions

BONUS: Womb Attunement – Spring Equinox – Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

What is a Womb Blessing Attunement?

A womb blessing Attunement – Female Energy Awakening is a practice that helps raise our feminine vibration and awaken our authentic self. It is a deep transformation that helps to heal deep patterns from our ancestry and past, as well clear blockages within our cyclical nature. This practice initiates a rebirth cycle for the receiver sending energy through the 4 archetypes of our cycle to awakening and balance them.
When our womb centre is energized and replenished, it helps ground us, opens our heart, and ignites the brain to connect with the moon. This process initiates deep spiritual changes and connections within oneself.