Reveal Wellness Studio


“Suzy is an excellent massage therapist, with an emphasis on therapist.

Really made me feel comfortable and really focused on what brought me in to her office in order to effectively use the time to get rid of my pains. Everyone can benefit from a good massage and she gives a great one. Was recommended by a friend but I would recommend her to anyone suffering from pain or not. Incredibly relaxing massage, best I’ve ever had.”

- Ray

What Suzy offers is unlike any kind of body work I have ever experienced. The first time I went in to see her, I was expecting a massage to release some low back tension. What I received felt like a massage / spa treatment / emotional therapy session all rolled into one. Suzy truly has a gift of using so many different modalities in her treatments that just flow together and make you feel so cared for. If you are looking for a body therapy, I highly recommend trying out Suzyโ€™s treatments. You will not be disappointed.ย 

- Kate N.

This was a life-changing massage treatment!

I have quite a few injuries, aches, and pains right now and needed some relief. I wanted to get myself into a massage with Suzy as I had heard amazing things about her treatments. I was blown away!ย Suzy listened to all the things that were going on and worked on the most important issues that needed the most attention.

She did new techniques to help with my shoulder pain that no other massage therapist has done before. And, she took the time to work on my legs with have been so worn out working long hours during the holiday season.

Thanks so much Suzy for helping me out – looking forward to the next appointment!

- Colleen

I recently had a massage with Suzy at Reveal Wellness and it was a very remarkable experience. Suzy also used the cupping technique on some of my more problematic areas and it led to a longer lasting muscle pain relief. Suzy also took the time to go over some remedies I can use in between treatments (such as yoga and aromatherapy) to improve flexibility and reduce stress.

I highly recommend Suzy and the Reveal Wellness team to anyone!

- Phuong

Suzy is A-MAZ-ING!!! She’s such a wonderful person. She listens to what ails you and what your body is saying. I brag about her all the time to my friends & co-horts, like I wanna share her but at the same time I don’t want to share her. I have nothing but good things to say and my body/mind will always be grateful to have her on my healing side ๐Ÿ™‚

- Nit

Been seeing Suzy for years and there isn’t anyone better. Wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else.
- Simon