Our  Movement Team


Amanda Candelora

Amanda's holistic approach to teaching yoga is balanced with humour and lightheartedness which will set you instantly at ease in her classes.  She is attentive and intuitive in order to provide a safe yet challenging practice for everyone. 

Amanda's personal experience of living with chronic pain and her passion for teaching yoga has led her to study with physio therapist and yoga therapist, Neil Pearson. She is a certified Pain Care Yoga Teacher and a Professional Pain Care Facilitator.



Heidi is a passionate teacher who brings a unique and practical perspective from her professional background as a Physical Therapist and variety of trainings and experience as a Yoga teacher, Yoga Therapist in training, Certified Lifestyle Meditation Teacher and Light Language channel.  Aiming to be a bridge between a variety of teachings on health and wellness her mission is to integrate and share what she learns, lives and loves from the worlds of healthcare, rehabilitation, pain science, yoga, yoga therapy light work and life.  She is a proud mom of 2 beautiful young children and creator of her ever evolving business, Antahkarana Yoga.  Antahkarana is both a sacred symbol of healing and a Sanskrit term which translates to “Rainbow Bridge” or a “bridge to the sacred soul”.  In Eastern philosophy it's the name given to the bridge, which built over time through a variety of contemplative practices, connects the lower physical body and mind to the higher mind of the soul and its love, wisdom and purpose.  This concept of a healing bridge is a reflection not only of her personal journey but a journey she hopes to facilitate within her clients, students and community at large; a re-integration of body, mind & soul.  A JoyFULL return to the Self.

She looks forward to meeting and sharing space with you all!


Amanda Beggs

Amanda's love affair with yoga began ten years ago as a way to stay active. This quickly turned into an enriching self-care tool that she used to connect with herself. After completing all the things she was "supposed to do", she turned inward and listened to her intuition which led to a trip to Bali and an opening of heart. Following her guided path she was led to yoga teacher training; it was here Amanda remembers feeling a sense of belonging and has been gleefully exploring all that the world of yoga and wellness have to offer ever since. Learning about the layers of the mind and body is endlessly fascinating to her and she continues to complete trainings including meditation, yin, and nidra. Amanda loves to deepen her understanding of the wisdom of the body, and invites her students to tune in to their own mind-body experiences. When she isn't teaching & learning about yoga, you can find her managing events, drinking chai, at the farmers market, and re-reading every book written by Brene Brown.


Shelby Galenzoski

Shelby has been practising massage therapy since 2010 and has been fascinated by the human body and its magnitude ever since. Providing proper home care and stretches for her clients has always been a priority within her treatments. Fostering a relationship between the mind, body and breath is a key component to healing which is one of the reasons she became drawn to yoga.

She completed her 200-hour training at Yoga Mala in Regina, SK in the spring of 2017. Since then she has learned just how complementary yoga and massage therapy are to one another. She looks forward to learning from teachers, peers and students alike as she continues through her yoga journey. Her goal is to help guide individuals throughout their practise and support them as they become more self-aware of their body and it’s innate way of healing itself.