Reveal Wellness Studio

Meet Suzy

Modern healing

Suzy is a Registered Massage Therapist who is passionate about your healing journey and being your guide to your own personal transformation. Suzy has 18 years of experience as an RMT integrating various holistic modalities into her treatments. She loves integrating both western and eastern philosophies of medicine and overall body function. With her knowledge and experience she works intuitively to select modalities that work best for you and your nervous system.

Aside from guiding her clients to the best version of themselves, Suzy also is inspired by facilitating the growth of amateur massage therapists by mentoring and empowering them to flourish at their best so they can create a positive impact in the world. Building conscious connections and creating community through her studio by hosting healing circles and Subconscious Imprinting Technique group healings lights up her soul.

Suzy is a heart centered entrepreneur and owner of Reveal Wellness Studio. Her core values of support and leadership continue to thrive and flourish to build deep and meaningful relationships within the community.

The Healing Approach

Our work together starts with a free discovery call for us to get to know each other and for me to answer questions you may have. Schedule your free 20 mins Discovery Call HERE.

Your initial consultation is like a retreat that is between 2-3 hours long. During this session we discuss where you are in your life, your lifestyle and your aspirations and concerns; be prepared to learn more about yourself. Afterall, you have to REVEAL TO HEAL!

Through the information you share, Suzy takes a deep dive into it and asks you many questions. She sees where you are with your body and takes the time to present it in such a different way, then adds all that information to develop your first treatment.

Her goal is to get to know YOU, shift your perspective of your issues, broaden the lens for healing in a safe and comfortable space. Suzy creates an experience for you to understand the importance of sustainable healing.

Ready to REVEAL and HEAL?

The Investment

If you’re new to Reveal and Suzy, your initial investment is $250 + GST

Follow-up Healing Sessions with Suzy are as follows:

  • 2 hour session: $250 + GST
  • 90 minute session: $175 + GST
  • 75 minute session: $150 + GST


So you feel you’ve tried it all and nothing still feels like it’s working or it’s sticking.

When was the last time you actually felt heard? Seen? Supported? Awakened?

Suzy is a modern healer who supports clients through a journey of personal revelation and transformation. Through years of education and experience, she offers powerful insights through conversation, treatment and one-on-one mentorship to create a transformative experience that transcends client’s everyday life—her approach is like no other.

What happens at a Healing Session?

Healing Sessions are a dedicated space where clients are able to discuss what is troubling them in a safe and sacred space. Sessions are tailored to the individual and designed in a way to help clients reconnect with themselves and restore vibrancy physically and energetically. Whether you’ve experienced emotional trauma, are stuck in a set of limiting beliefs or want to change your relationship with your environment, there is support for you.

What can I expect from a Healing Session?

Suzy believes that healing begins from within and that the healing journey isn’t intended to be traveled alone. Suzy creates an atmosphere that fosters deep reflection and revelation. Experience a guided, intention-driven journey centered around improving your health and wellbeing goals through relaxation, connection and education.

This was a life-changing massage treatment!

I have quite a few injuries, aches, and pains right now and needed some relief. I wanted to get myself into a massage with Suzy as I had heard amazing things about her treatments. I was blown away! Suzy listened to all the things that were going on and worked on the most important issues that needed the most attention.

She did new techniques to help with my shoulder pain that no other massage therapist has done before. And, she took the time to work on my legs with have been so worn out working long hours during the holiday season.

Thanks so much Suzy for helping me out – looking forward to the next appointment!

– Colleen