Meet Suzy

Modern healing

Suzy is Edmonton born and raised with 18+ years of practice under her belt. She is passionate about cultivating a safe and supportive environment with her clients and other wellness professionals.

Her approach is real; it is direct, straightforward and with no holds barred. She wants to get to the root of your pain, she wants to hear your stories and help you overcome what has been holding you back.



RMT & owner of Reveal Wellness Studio

Every client receives customized healing. These modalities may be used in conjunction with one another in a variety of ways, depending on what is needed for the client at the time of their appointment.


  • Initial 120min $250 + GST
  • 90min $175 + GST
  • 120min $250 + GST

Massage Therapy

Subconscious Imprinting Technique



Applied Shiatsu

Raindrop therapy

Hotstone Massage

Paraffin wax treatments

This was a life-changing massage treatment!

I have quite a few injuries, aches, and pains right now and needed some relief. I wanted to get myself into a massage with Suzy as I had heard amazing things about her treatments. I was blown away! Suzy listened to all the things that were going on and worked on the most important issues that needed the most attention.

She did new techniques to help with my shoulder pain that no other massage therapist has done before. And, she took the time to work on my legs with have been so worn out working long hours during the holiday season.

Thanks so much Suzy for helping me out – looking forward to the next appointment!

– Colleen